Founded in 2007 as Theodore Entertainment, the original intent was simply to create a platform to a new kind of film understanding, something between film as an art form, and film as a means of sharing something that could be useful! I wouldn't say we've managed to achieve either level but the journey no less has been fun.


Saying that, we are still practicing, albeit as a tiny cogg in a very big and often complex machine. This isn't a business we have created here merely a form of expression for ourselves, a route to the unconscious and other extremities that are shared to the outside world, to whom ever wants to listen I guess. 


Why the name Theodore? If anyone has cared to read The Adventures of Theodore, a comic book about the exploits of maverick newspaper journalist Theodore Brunellesci, they'd recognise none of its subtle humour but might appreciate some of the strangeness that is about the stories and their loose-endedness! Anyhow, thats where the name for the company came and although I have tried many times to change then name looking for something fashionable like Penciline Pictures or something, its just stayed with me and that's that.  


To date, we've turned out a body of work, some good, some okay, but always colourful, always fun, and in the end rewarding! Rewarding in the sense we've tried to create films that shine a light, albeit it one directional, upon causes that society has readily plagued our doorstep. We function as a people keen to understand what it is out there that tests us, the means and wherefore, to a smarter more enabling world! Pretentious perhaps but ir makes for good copy!

Andrew Rokita



So where are we in 2015? Well, we've managed to pull off something quite different for a change. Softly Spoken is a 56minute documentary on the a company that sadly is no more, but which once upon a time touched the lives of tens of thousands. An eighteen month project we finally had it premiered at the Quad Cinema in Derby. The film has enjoyed limited success, and not quite slipped from view with future screenings next year planned to coincide with the company's centenary. This film is certainly a rare visit into an iconic British establishment. More about its release later.


We have also produced another short fictional film, Away On A Train. Inspite its rather thriller-ish title, the subject couldn't be far different from the efforts of writers like P.D James. The subject of self-harm is highlighted through the efforts of Laura, a teenager whose battle with the illness touches the lives of those dearest to her, in this case her mother and elder sister.


“Unlike all the other art forms, film is able to seize and render the passage of time, to stop it, almost to possess it in infinity. I’d say that film is the sculpting of time.”

– Andrei Tarkovsky


A retired gangster looks back on the life of his old mate, Lester, sadly gone to the dogs during a heist that went dreadfully wrong.