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Aimée- a retropsective


Founded in 2007 as Theodore Entertainment, the original intent was simply to create a platform to a new kind of film understanding, something between film as an art form, and film as a means of sharing something that could be useful! I wouldn't say we've managed to achieve either level but the journey no less has been fun.


Saying that, we are still practicing, albeit as a tiny cogg in a very big and often complex machine. This isn't a business we have created here merely a form of expression for ourselves, a route to the unconscious and other extremities that are shared to the outside world, to whom ever wants to listen I guess. Theodore Films is by no means a platform for politics. On the contrary it attempts to touch on topics such as isolation, immigration, suicide, and growing old to name a few. 


Why the name Theodore? If anyone has cared to read The Adventures of Theodore, a comic book about the exploits of maverick newspaper journalist Theodore Brunellesci, they'd recognise none of its subtle humour but might appreciate some of the strangeness that is about the stories and their loose-endedness! A


Lost Histories is another independent company foundered by photographer Roland Keates. 'Roly' has contributed on many of the films produced by Theodore Films but founded a niche with ground-breaking documentaries such as If Walls Could Talk and a Druid's Pilgrimage. Many of the podcasts shared on this website are the result of 'Roly's' love for the countryside and has a custodian of the woodland. is the start of a series of short films on contemporary artists.

Andrew Rokita




– Andrei Tarkovsky

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